What is a Call Center Customer Representative?

What is a Call Center Customer Representative?

What is a Call Center Customer Representative?

A few days ago, we used to answer incoming and outgoing calls in a way that the call center, consisting of incoming and outgoing students from the call center, would be actively used in education.

But the definition of this definition is somewhat broader. In addition to the above definition, the user is the customer representative from thecustomer agent, who apparently supports and develops the image of himself.

What does Call Center Customer Representative mean? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The first person the customer is with the company is the call center customer representative. The customer's image of the company begins with the representative the first time they pass. The person representing this purpose in accordance with the vision is the call center customer representative.

He will make the appropriate training and appropriate call to get the best example of the client's initial assignment. In addition;

  • To prepare before work,
  • Directing customers to different departments when necessary,
  • To provide accurate and practical solutions to customers by raising them,
  • Giving information about customer suggestions,
  • There are many more designs available, such as meetings, making sure that speeches will be made.

What Does a Call Center Customer Representative Do?

  • Handles incoming and outgoing calls
  • Provides customers with information about products and services,
  • Makes explanations on issues such as terms of sale,
  • Opinion polls etc. conducts surveys for situations
  • Checks customer information and saves missing information in the system when necessary,
  • It works by protecting company and customer confidentiality in accordance with ethical rules and KVKK procedures.

What Training Is Required To Become A Call Center Customer Representative?

"Call Center Services" section is available as an associate degree program; However, it is not necessary to have a special education. Middle school, high school, associate or undergraduate graduates can apply. The important thing is to be able to speak the language fluently, to be well literate, to have basic computer use and strong communication skills.

Candidates without call center experience can also apply for a job. The reason for this is the training programs prepared before starting work. In these programs, trainings are provided on many subjects such as call reception rules, system usage and product - service information.

How Much Salary Does a German Speaking Call Center Representative Get?

Salary scales of each project and company differ. Salary situations may vary according to premium work or only salaried work.

Salaries in many call centers increase annually. Firms can also make a raise within the initiative. Salaries are mainly paid at fixed wages in premium call centers. Backed by a bonus, this fee offers opportunities to earn more than the salary in most call centers (in case of successful performance).

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