Here are some tips to help you have a good time!

Weekend Schedule:

History: Places of interest on the European side are the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace.Don't go by without trying a wet hamburger in Taksim.Be sure to climb the Galata Tower, one of the must-see places with its touristic atmosphere and excellent views.

Istanbul: Surrounded by 5 islands (Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kınalıada and Sedef Island) you can spend a fun weekend with easy ferry connections. You can take photos with lots of green areas, bike paths, barbecue areas and small Greek houses.

Activity: If you want to have a scary day or night, there are different escape rooms in different parts of the city. You can find the best in Kadıköy ( Escape Istanbul, Tuzak Escape Games, Frankenstein Horror House ). Don't forget to take a teammate with you. You can't go out alone.

Entertainment: Visit'a for concert times and venues. You are just one click away from Cem Yılmaz, Güldür Güldür Show or Berkay bir tık uzaksınız. With Jolly Joker, IF Performance Hall or Open-Air Concerts you can attend concerts from anywhere in the city. You can have fun at the bar or with live music every evening on Kadıköy or Bağdat Streets.

  • Hairdresser / Barber: We all have the right to personal hygiene. Hairdressers for men and hairdressers for women can be found on every street. Haircut, hair coloring, nail care, etc. Here you will find everything you need when it comes to body care.



You can drink coffee at Tchibo, located in different shopping malls or districts of Istanbul.

There are also fresh coffees and desserts in Vienna Coffee.

If you miss Berliner or Krapfen, Gurmania is the right place.

You can find fresh German Breads and desserts at places like Beyaz Fırın, Kara Fırın or Backhaus.

If you're saying, ‘Why did we come to Turkey?’, , then let's talk a little bit about Turkish Tastes.


There are no flavors that are not found in a metropolis like Istanbul. From the Aegean to the East, from the American Cuisine to the Chinese Cuisine, a wide range awaits you!

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