Customer Services


Today's customer profile, needs solution-oriented ways in every interaction they have with brands and benefits from many digital channels. With this trend, which accelerated with the pandemic, brands also offer multi-channel experiences. Juvenis Telekom aims to increase its service qualities so that customers can get faster and more efficient answers to their questions. Juvenis Telekom, accelerates the contacts of other call centers and its partners


'Outgoing calls' focuses on compliance and excellent customer experience for brands' call centers. Outbound search operations, which consist of different topics such as providing customer satisfaction, directing potential problems and solutions to the relevant units of the brand, and informing about new products or services, play an important role in the reputation management of brands. Juvenis Telekom brings next-generation solutions to outbound call operations to improve brands' customer experiences.

Outbound Operation
Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), call center representatives; it refers to a software tool that is being used to improve the customer experience and increase productivity. CRM systems record information about customers, such as account and communication history. In this sense, CRM systems, which serve as a case management tool, provide a stronger service potential for customer experiences when integrated with call center technology. Juvenis Telekom offers professional service areas to increase the success of customer experience in the call centers of brands.


In order to provide successful, effective and efficient customer service, it is of great importance for call center personnel to be equipped on critical topics. Investing in training and development provides significant gains both in brand loyalty and efficiency in internal operations. Juvenis Telekom brings brands together with expert support, training and consultancy solutions for effective call center management.

Outbound Operation
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