Kerem T.

“My adventure to Turkey began when my father started a business in the west of Germany. However, we didn't want to move west. So, my father moved west alone for six months. Racism, one of the most common problems every foreigner faces, also happened to one of my brothers. After a bad incident, my father said he no longer wanted to live in Germany and the whole family moved to Turkey. If the right people or job opportunities aren't available, this place becomes difficult to get used to. We were very lucky that my mother came across the job offers from Juvenis Telekom while looking for a job. She made a quick decision and started working for Juvenis. At the end of the month, she convinced me to work here and said she was very happy to be part of the Juvenis family. Now I really enjoy working at Juvenis Telekom. ”


Ali H.

“Due to a mistake, I made in my youth, I had to leave my friends and family in Germany and came to Istanbul at the age of 20. It was very difficult for me at first. Because I didn't know a lot of people, just cousins I had just met. After 1 year, I went to the army and did my military service for 12 months. The 1 year I spent there was the best year for me and I improved my Turkish a lot there. After my military service, I started my working life. After I started working and made friends, everything got easier. I got used to it quickly. I've been working for Juvenis for about a year and a half and I'm very happy here. My friends are good, the managers are good, everyone gets along well, although I suddenly and unintentionally had to come to Istanbul, I'm very happy today and I'm glad I came.”


Tuncay G.

“It all started with a little vacation plan. One day when I came home from school, my mother told me that she was going to Turkey for two weeks. We went on vacation for two weeks and there was still no talk of returning to Germany. Then my mother started talking about schools in Turkey. At first, I was against it and my mother convinced me to go to one of the schools. The school fascinated me with its facilities such as the gym and swimming pool. I decided to stay. My mother and father were separated, my brother stayed with my father and after I got used to it, my brother moved in with us too. Thanks to the hospitable and cheerful nature of the people in Turkey, my brother and I quickly adapted. While looking for a job, we came across Juvenis Telekom. I am very happy to work at Juvenis as I am very interested in sports and Juvenis offers us free fitness club membership. I've been working here for about two years and everything is going very well. ”


Mine Y.

“We lived in Germany for 7 years before we settled in Turkey. However, my husband was unable to adapt because he was born and raised in Turkey and his German has not improved sufficiently. Therefore, he returned to Istanbul in 2017, while my children and I continued to stay in Germany, my husband started to live in Istanbul. So, we lived apart for a year. Since I could no longer bear the separation, I moved with my children to my husband in Istanbul and now work at Juvenis Telekom, where I will finish my second year in November. Working for a company that embodies such familiar warmth has had a very positive effect on my adaptation to Turkey. ”


Hale D.

“My story of my final return to Turkey began with the university. After studying for a year at the Faculty of Engineering in Germany, I decided to continue my studies in Istanbul. Since I was a child, I was always very curious about school life in Turkey and I was jealous. This intimacy between the students and their teachers. That wasn't possible in my high school in Germany. My adventure continued at Istanbul Bilgi University. But this time with concern because I lived alone. I didn't feel as comfortable as I did in Germany. With the money I had available from my parents, I had to pay my rent and manage the rest of the month. Unfortunately, in Istanbul it is very difficult to do both at the same time because everything is so expensive. But during all these worrisome times, very nice people have also come into my life. Especially my husband. I took a break from my education and returned to Germany for 6 months. And I realized that, no matter how hard life is in Turkey, there is life here. These 6 months that I was in Germany felt like 6 years. Eventhough I have lived in Germany for 20 years, been born and raised there, I was very alieniated. I came back to Turkey in December of 2018, then I started preperations for my wedding, and eventhough life in Turkey is a little bit harder than in Germany, and even though it is almost impossible to own a Car and a House, I am very happy to have come back to my homeland. This place has taught me to take responsibility for myself and laugh in spite of everything that has hapend. That’s why I am happy that I came here.”

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