German Job in Edremit-Burhaniye

German Job in Edremit-Burhaniye

After living in Germany for many years, you may be considering returning to Burhaniye for sure, but you may not know how to find a job. German-speaking staff can easily find a job in Edremit - Burhaniye. As Juvenis, we are pleased to present you our offer,

German Job Offers in Edremit – Burhaniye

What kind of work will you do? 

You will manage calls as a customer representative in our call center.

The first and most important task of the customer representative is to carry out the call in accordance with the trainings and quality standards for the perfect customer experience.

In addition;

  • Receives incoming and outgoing calls,
  • Provides customers with information about products and services,
  • Makes explanations on issues such as terms of sale,
  • Checks customer information and saves missing information in the system when necessary,
  • It works by protecting company and customer confidentiality in accordance with ethical rules and KVKK procedures.

Juvenis will always be by your side with its personalized training model.

What Type of a Colleague We Are Looking For

  • Native or proficient in German,
  • Aiming for a career in the call center,
  • Strong communication skills on the phone, able to make sales,
  • Convinced, self-confident, highly motivated,
  • Able to work target-oriented by prioritizing the quality of the work,
  • Developed customer-oriented problem-solving skills,
  • Disciplined, diction properly,
  • Compatible with teamwork,
  • Sensitive to time management
  • Residing or able to reside in Edremit – Burhaniye,

What are the Benefits We Offer You?

  • Full fixed salary without quota,
  • SSI
  • Allianz private health insurance
  • Daily rewards
  • Modern and spacious offices
  • Ease of access to restaurants and cafes
  • Fun work environment

What Are Our Advantages?

5 days a week from Monday to Friday; We work from 10.00 to 19.00. Thanks to our fixed, unchanging, non-shift working system, you can plan your time as you wish, and since you leave work at 19.00, you can spend more time with your loved ones

Since we have a service on the Edremit, Akçay, Burhaniye route, you don't have to think about how to reach your workplace.

How much will your salary be in our German Call Center?

We offer you a full fixed salary without quota. With our high bonus system, it is possible to earn much more than your fixed salary.

We have presented our Edremit - Burhaniye German job posting to you. If you want to share the privileged world of Juvenis with us, you can fill out the application form from the link on the right!

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